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Replace Missing Teeth

Replace Missing Teeth

Replace Missing Teeth

Teeth may be missing due to previous extensive cavities, cracks gum disease, accidents or some teeth were missing since birth.

Three Main Ways to Replace Missing Teeth :

1. Dental Implant

Dental implants are ideal to replace 1 or 2 missing teeth, because dental implant does not need to rely on adjacent teeth being cut in order to replace the missing teeth.

Dental Implant Involves The Following Steps :

  • 1.Intra oral digital video scan of the area of missing teeth in the mouth.
  • 2.3D xray of the mouth.
  • 3.3D plan of the implant type and location in the mouth.
  • 4.Implant placement in the mouth using a 3D planned surgical guide.
  • 5.Wait 3-6 months for the implant to integrate with the jaw bone.
  • 6.Place a custom made connector and ceramic crown on to the implant.

2. Dental Bridge

In some cases, the area of missing tooth/teeth is too narrow to fit a dental implant. Thus, a dental bridge may be needed instead of an implant to replace missing teeth.

The bridge requires 1 tooth on each side of the missing tooth/teeth area to be shaped, in order to support the bridge. The bridge process may require 1 to 2 appointments to complete the bridge fitment.

3. Dental Denture

In cases of several missing teeth, a denture may be required.

If implants are needed to significantly increase the denture retention in the mouth, the implants are inserted first. After the 3-6 months of implant integration with the jaw bone, the denture process may begin.

Dental Denture Involves The Following Steps Over Weekly Appointments:

  • 1.Impression of the missing teeth area in the mouth.
  • 2.Try-in of the proposed denture, whereby the teeth are still set in wax.
  • 3.Fitment of the denture in the mouth.

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