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Cosmetic dentistry

Whether you are concerned about the appearance of just the one tooth, or about your overall smile, we are here to listen to your particular concerns.

We have extensive experience in treating :
– dark tooth due to previous root canal treatment
– crowded front teeth
– front teeth with uneven biting edge
– worn down or thinning teeth
– stained old fillings
– black or metallic fillings

Broken down or decayed teeth may be restored by
– ceramic crown (entire tooth is covered by the ceramic tooth cover)
– ceramic or plastic veneer (the front part of the tooth only is covered by the veneer)

Prior to any cosmetic treatment involving several teeth, we will show you a mock-up of the proposed final result. This ensures that you know what to expect with the end result, and allows fine tuning of the appearance of the desired look.

(i) Teeth whitening
If you have yellow-looking teeth, the first step is to have the teeth professionally cleaned and polished. The professional clean will usually result in a cleaner and brighter look. However, some teeth are inherently more yellow, and such teeth may need whitening treatment to achieve a significantly whiter and more youthful appearance.

(ii) Missing teeth
Teeth may be missing due to previous cavities, extraction, cracks, gum disease or maybe the teeth were missing since birth.
There are various ways to replace missing teeth, including :
– dental implant (the whole tooth is replaced by a metallic part in the gum and a crown above thegum)
– bridge (the replacement tooth hinges upon a neighbouring teeth – not usually advisable if neighbouring teeth are perfectly sound teeth)
– denture (the replacement tooth/teeth is part of a removable device)


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Preventive dentistry

Most dental problems can be easily avoided by regular dental check and cleaning every 6 months.
This simple dental routine helps to identify developing problems early, preventing the problem to become more serious and costly to fix.

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Children dentistry

Kids should start to have their teeth checked from age 3 years. The idea is to “start early, start right”. Early check up allows any dental problems such as cavities or mouth habits (finger sucking) to be identified early, thus preventing invasive treatment. Contrary to what most people believe, a tooth can have a hole and yet not hurt, until it is too late to save the tooth.

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Pain relief

(i) Tooth ache or sore teeth
Teeth may be painful due to different reasons. The more common causes of sore teeth are :
– dental cavity
– chipped tooth
– dead tooth nerve
– excessive teeth clenching or grinding
A thorough examination of the mouth will reveal the actual cause of the tooth ache.

(ii) Sore or bleeding gums
Sore gums are often accompanied by bleeding gums. The first action plan usually involves a
professional clean of the mouth, followed by tips on how to maintain a clean and healthy mouth.

(iii) Wisdom tooth ache
Wisdom teeth may be associated with severe pain in the jaw, especially if the wisdom teeth are still
partially covered by gum. If such wisdom teeth ache is recurring, the wisdom teeth may need to be

(iv) Root canal treatment
Teeth with infected nerve may be saved by root canal treatment, instead of needing tooth extraction.
Root canal treatment removes the infected nerve inside the tooth, and allows the tooth to be kept as
normally functioning tooth.

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Sleep dentistry

If you prefer to be ‘asleep’ whilst having dental work, then we can arrange for IV (intravenous) sedation for your dental appointment. A specialist anaesthetist doctor will be on site to administer IV sedation.

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Anti-snoring device

Snoring can prevent a good night’s sleep and can also be a sign of the potentially life-threatening condition of sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea is a condition whereby a person momentarily stops breathing whilst asleep.

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Sports mouth guard

You only have 1 set of adult teeth, and if they are damaged or knocked out, there is a life-long consequence of having false teeth or maintenance of the repair filling. A sports mouth guard is essential for anyone playing contact sports.

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Orthodontic retainers

Lost your orthodontic retainers from your last orthodontic / braces appointment ? Get a new set of retainers to ensure your beautifully straightened teeth remain straight!

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Teeth Whitening Special $550*

“Are you tired of your teeth not having that Sydney sparkle ?
Don’t wait any longer , summer is not far away and at Advanced Dental we want to help you achieve that perfect smile. 🙂
Our “SPECIAL PRICE IS ONLY $550” ( Normally $700 ) for a professional take-home teeth whitening kit.
The kit includes :
• Upper and lower customized mouth trays
• 6 syringes of teeth whitening gel
• Mini Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief tooth paste
• Upper and lower stone models of your teeth (in case you lose your mouth trays and need to remake new trays)

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Oral Hygiene Tips

  • Tip #2

    Have your mouth checked by a dentist every 6 months. Remember, tooth cavities and gum disease do not always hurt to tell you there is a problem!

  • Tip #1

    Use an Oral B electric tooth brush to brush your teeth morning and evening, and floss in the evening. Do this everyday and you will avoid most common dental problems : tooth cavities and gum disease.