Priscilla Bastiaans
Patient Care Coordinator
M.M (Jakarta, Indonesia)
B.Soc.Sc. (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Having taken on the role of Project Manager of a large retail company in Indonesia prior to joining Advanced Dental, I had the opportunity to work alongside many different people of various nationalities, and with different personalities. I noticed the importance of communicating with each person on their level and understanding their individual needs and priorities. Working in Advanced Dental makes me realize how much joy I feel when we are able to care for our patients with exceptional dental care which has been tailored to their wants and goals. I always think of our patients as a part of my family. How I want my family to be treated is how we care for our patients.

My role as Patient Care Coordinator is to ensure our patients feel they are cared for in the best possible way at all times and even surpass their own expectations of dental care. I understand that there may be times when you may need clarification regarding your proposed treatment, post-treatment instructions, or anything else relating to your dental experience. Should you have any queries at all regarding your dental experience, please contact me via call or email: