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Children Dentistry

Children Dentistry

Children Dentistry

Kids should start to have their teeth checked from age 3 years.

The idea is to “start early, start right”. Early check up allows any dental problems such as cavities or mouth habits (finger sucking) to be identified early, thus preventing invasive treatment.

It is still essential to have 6 monthly dental check up even if the child does not have any tooth ache, as a tooth can have a cavity and yet no pain.

In case a baby tooth can no longer be saved, the tooth will need to be removed to prevent ongoing infection and pain.

Oral Hygiene Tips

Use an Oral B electric tooth brush to brush your teeth morning and evening, and floss in the evening. Do this everyday and you will avoid most common dental problems : tooth cavities and gum disease.

As children grow up, adult teeth emerge in the mouth which may not be able to fit in neatly. 6 monthly dental check up helps to identify teeth crowding issues early, which in turn helps to plan for orthodontic treatment which can use the child’s natural growth spurts to assist teeth movement and achieve the ideal alignment result in a shorter period of time.

NO GAP dental check up for kids under 6 years old with Healthfund.
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