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Baby Teeth Extraction

Baby Teeth Extraction

Baby Teeth Extraction

Regular check up and clean from a very young age (about 3 years old) helps to detect early decay, gum disease and any developmental dental problems. Wherever possible, the dentist will try to save the baby tooth. However, in cases of large decay in the baby tooth, the tooth may need to be extracted if it can’t be saved any longer.

What to Expect When a Baby Tooth Needs To Be Extracted

  • Panadol syrup may need to be taken 1 hour prior to your child’s scheduled appointment.
  • Taking a 3D Xray in order for the dentist to assess the baby tooth prior to its removal.
  • Applied numb gel and local anesthetic.
  • Gently remove the tooth.

The Duration for This Treatment

  • One visit : 30 minutes.

Highly Qualified Dentists

Team of Professionals

Dr Edwin Wijaya

Principal Dentist

Cindy Tran (OHT)

Oral Health Therapist

Priscilla Bastiaans

Patient Care Coordinator

Dr Vanessa Burns

General Dentist