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Dental Denture

In cases of several missing teeth, a denture may be required.

If implants are needed to significantly increase the denture retention in the mouth, the implants are inserted first. After the 3-6 months of implant integration with the jaw bone, the denture process may begin.

Dental Denture Involves The Following Steps Over Weekly Appointments

  • Visit 1 : 30 minutes appointment for Impression of the missing teeth area in the mouth.
  • Visit 2 : 15 minutes appointment for Try-in of the proposed denture, whereby the teeth are still set in wax.
  • Visit 3 : 15 minutes appointment for Fitment of the denture in the mouth.

Highly Qualified Dentists

Team of Professionals

Dr Edwin Wijaya

Principal Dentist

Cindy Tran (OHT)

Oral Health Therapist

Priscilla Bastiaans

Patient Care Coordinator

Dr Vanessa Burns

General Dentist