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Dental Denture

In cases of several missing teeth, a denture may be required.

If implants are needed to significantly increase the denture retention in the mouth, the implants are inserted first. After the 3-6 months of implant integration with the jaw bone, the denture process may begin.

Dental Denture Involves The Following Steps Over Weekly Appointments

  • Visit 1 : 30 minutes appointment for Impression of the missing teeth area in the mouth.
  • Visit 2 : 15 minutes appointment for Try-in of the proposed denture, whereby the teeth are still set in wax.
  • Visit 3 : 15 minutes appointment for Fitment of the denture in the mouth.

Highly Qualified Dentists

Team of Professionals

Dr Edwin Wijaya

Principal Dentist

Cindy Tran (OHT)

Oral Health Therapist