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Pain relief

Date Posted: 12 December, 2014

(i) Tooth ache or sore teeth
Teeth may be painful due to different reasons. The more common causes of sore teeth are :
– dental cavity
– chipped tooth
– dead tooth nerve
– excessive teeth clenching or grinding
A thorough examination of the mouth will reveal the actual cause of the tooth ache.

(ii) Sore or bleeding gums
Sore gums are often accompanied by bleeding gums. The first action plan usually involves a
professional clean of the mouth, followed by tips on how to maintain a clean and healthy mouth.

(iii) Wisdom tooth ache
Wisdom teeth may be associated with severe pain in the jaw, especially if the wisdom teeth are still
partially covered by gum. If such wisdom teeth ache is recurring, the wisdom teeth may need to be

(iv) Root canal treatment
Teeth with infected nerve may be saved by root canal treatment, instead of needing tooth extraction.
Root canal treatment removes the infected nerve inside the tooth, and allows the tooth to be kept as
normally functioning tooth.

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