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Cutting-edge Technology

3D digital X-ray

How can you treat a problem when you can’t see the problem in the first place?
3D digital X-ray is a revolutionary technology which allows diagnosis of conditions previously  ‘hidden’  and difficult to identify in 2D X-ray. Accurate diagnosis is key to a well prepared treatment plan with the treatment options most appropriate to the conditions in the mouth.

In the planning stage of dental implants and wisdom teeth extraction, 3D digital X-ray makes it possible to accurately assess the structures to be avoided during surgery, such as nerves and blood vessels and roots of neighbouring teeth. This is essential for a safe and predictable surgical procedure.

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3D digital Xray :

CEREC – 1 visit ceramic filling and crown. No more gagging from dental impressions !

Why go to your dentist twice and have injections twice for the 1 ceramic filling (inlay/onlay) or crown, when you can have it done in just 1 visit with CEREC ?

Frightened of gagging when impressions are taken in your mouth ? With CEREC, say good bye to impressions and gagging !
A digital impression replaces the need for traditional material impression in the mouth.

CEREC offers dental laboratory-quality ceramic filling and crown to be made in 1 appointment, instead of the usual 2 appointments 2 weeks apart. No more temporary fillings or crowns falling off in between the traditional 2 visit procedure!

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